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Advantages of a True VoIP IP PBX

Discover the Advantages of a True VoIP IP PBX – 3CX Phone System 3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning software-based IP PBX that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX. It is based on the SIP standard and supports most popular SIP phones, VoIP Gateways, VoIP service providers and PSTN phone lines. It is easy […]

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Phone Getting Closer Each Day?

Does every day bring your closer to your phone? Could be that your phone conversations have you running in circles – that coil cord gets shorter and shorter… treat yourself to a small concession and get a fresh cord for your handset. They are inexpensive so spend the extra dollar and get a heavy duty […]

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Use Your PC as a Streaming MOH

You can use the sound out port on your PC as the input to your background music or music on hold for your phone system. This will let your find online content that can be streamed in digital quality. No more local radio station fading off frequency – and you will be able to get […]

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Preventative Maintenance

Think about all the other things in your life that you do proactively: You change the oil in your car every 3,000 – 5,000 miles; you put new filters in your heating system at the beginning of the fall; you have an annual physical with your family doctor… Why don’t you perform preventative maintenance on […]

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3CX’s Softphone Includes Video

The 3CX Soft-Phone for Windows supports voice and video – so you really can see what you are missing – and yes, that also means a free video phone for every workstation. A slide out component on the right side allows you to view yourself and your remote party. Double-click on the image (either the […]

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Can I get my Start Menu back? PLEASE?

The most confusing part of Windows 8 happens when you: A) Are not familiar with Apps, smartphones. or tablets; B) Do not have a device with touch input; or C) You don’t have a Windows Live ID. Or any or none of the above ; ) Here is a program called Start 8 from Stardock […]

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No More Updates for Windows XP

The two most important updates Microsoft provides for WinXP are compatibility updates and security patches. Microsoft will no longer support either of these for any version of Windows XP after August 4, 2014. Why is that important? If you stick with your present software in a closed environment – the compatibility is not going to be […]

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VoIP vs Traditional PBX

Traditional PBX systems typically have analog connections at the station or trunk side – sometimes both. They can offer many features but the complete package of usable features and services may vary widely as each piece of the configuration is usually a separate price point and the final system is based on the users needs […]

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Backup Your Important Data

What should your backup? Anything you can’t or don’t want to live without. That includes pictures, documents, financial information, contacts, access credentials (user names and passwords), desktop settings. programs, etc. Keep in mind that even if you have a warranty against failure or breakage – it does not extend to the data. You may be […]

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Windows XP – Bones, is he dead?

The Problem I have just finished a recovery job.  Windows XP Home was not loading.  I am very familiar with XP so this should take maybe… 3 days?  That is not what I thought going into this job, but that is how it ended up.  The client PC was 8 years old but appeared to […]

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