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Time to Say ‘Good-bye’ to XP

xpFor some it is a matter of security. For others is a compatibility with new programs. Or no support from a third party vendor. Whatever your reason – the time is right to upgrade your Windows XP PCs. They are the weak link in your PC network…

One Response to “Time to Say ‘Good-bye’ to XP”

  • Tony L. says:

    The company I work for has started the process of removing all their XP machines. They started last year with all new Windows 7 Pro 64 machines, and now they are picking up the last few remaining stragglers. I’ve filled an extension to get around the VB6 issues. However, I simply installed VB6 on my Win 7 PC (which works if you drop an empty file in your syswow64 folder named after some dll it needs. Google it if you need to install VB6), compiled my apps and they work fine on Windows 7 machines. This was not supposed to work according to the MS KB article. And maybe some code doesn’t. But my apps use ado, graphics and even Windows handles to get into things. No problems.

    So my extension won’t be needed. The only other PC we have that needs extended is one that runs some old MS BASIC DOS shell engineering programs. Those don’t run on Win 7 unless you have DOS BOX emulator. Our company blocks this app. So we are rewriting the applications now in VS2012. All in all, it would have been better to keep everything up to date with the latest. Now we are playing catch up.

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