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April 8th – The Windows XP Deadline

April2014In the original cartoon Calvin never stops making snowballs – he just knows that it is to his advantage to use them after he opens his gifts. The hacker is much the same. Exploits in Windows XP are patched by Microsoft soon after they are discovered by sending you an update. This support will end on April 8, 2014. The hackers know this. Hackers are still looking for exploits in the Windows XP code – they just know the if they wait until after April 8th to show their hand there will be no patch issued by Microsoft. Many people have been lulled into believing Windows XP has been around so long that there is nothing left to fix (or exploit). This simply is not so. Your New Year’s resolution list should include upgrading the last of the XP machines to Windows 7 or 8.



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