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Security is More than an Alarm

Alarm systems are a great crime deterrent when it comes to protecting your home or business spaces and the people in them, but an alarm notice is only as useful as the vigilance of the action plan it is part of. What does that mean? An alarm system is just a box that alerts you to a specific event (door opening, movement in an area, the sound of breaking glass, etc.). To be effective that information needs to be monitored real time and stored for later review. Criminals are not prevented from illegal activity by the presence of an alarm system but, the likelihood of getting caught is much higher when alarms and surveillance systems are present. Things like well-lit spaces, active people in the area, keeping valuable items out of sight (or locked up), and posting notices that your property is monitored are also part of security system. A regular review of access reports and surveillance video can also spot suspicious activity that may be an indication your property is being ‘cased’.

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