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Strengthen Your Passwords

Some sites will help you to create a strong password.

Think that clever combo password you use all the time is good? You know the one I am talking about – ‘ABC123’ or is it your phone number and street? Think again. Every time processors shrink or computers get faster – the complexity of your passwords get easier to crack by hackers. For now 12 – 15 random characters that include numbers, upper and lower case, and symbols is a strong password. Anything you can find online (in the old days I would have said ‘in a dictionary’) is not good. You can find random code generators online with a quick search – here is the one I use:

Even better is two methods of authentication. A password AND a code generated by an app on your phone like Google Authenticator (Microsoft also has a random code generator app) – the app gives you a random code to enter along with your password.

Another good idea is to never reuse a password. All of the different accounts can be overwhelming at times but keep a list of passwords in a password protected file or have a secure program remember them for you (most browsers will remember passwords for you and the latest versions of most keep them encrypted – check the documentation for your browser to make sure). There are also password vault programs that will do the same thing. Find a method you like and is easy for you to use and implement it without exception.

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