Terms and Conditions

Effective 03/01/2016

Return Policy:
All returns must include the original packaging and accessories and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Centerburg Technology Center will not accept returns after 30 days from sales order date.

Pricing and Payments:
Prices are subject to change without notice unless you have been given a quote in writing - written quotes will be valid for the period of time expressly stated in the quote and if not stated will be valid for at least 30 days from issuance of quote. We periodically offer discount prices; please call our office at (740) 625-6100 for current pricing information. All sales and service are DUE upon completion of sale or service unless otherwise specified by Centerburg Technology Center.  Once the job ticket is signed for and a copy presented to the customer payment is DUE- invoices will be sent either by USPS or E-mail at the customers’ preference and a grace period of 15 business days from completion of service will be allowed for payment to be received in our office – this does not apply to approved accounts that have issued a Purchase Order to us for specific work. 
All payments for labor and materials are due at the time of job completion. A late charge of $35.00 will be applied to all invoices not paid within 30 business days. Any unpaid invoices over 15 days due will be will be considered LATE and subject to Late Fees. Third party collection fees will be added to the invoice prior to any collection attempt. NO additional work can be scheduled until the account and all associated late fees and collection fees are paid.
Items that require ordering and ANY order that exceeds $500.00 requires a 60% deposit before the items are ordered or work is started.  If you need to set up terms or wish to check the status of your existing account please call our office at (740) 625-6100 and ask to speak with the accounts payable department or send an email to support@cburgtechcenter.com with the subject "Account Status" and describe your request - we will reply to your email or contact you by phone within 2 business days of receiving your request.

Unless a signed tax exemption certificate is provider by the purchaser, all taxes applicable to equipment sold will be collected from the purchaser. 

Centerburg Technology Center offers a one year warranty, from date of purchase, on all repairs and materials sold, unless otherwise stated. All equipment sold is labeled with a tamperproof I.D. sticker with serial number to verify item and date of purchase. If sticker is tampered with or removed, the warranty is voided. (NO EXCEPTIONS) In the unfortunate event of an out or box failure or defect, within one year from date of purchase, Centerburg Technology Center will repair or replace the defective equipment at no additional expense to our customer. For items that require factory repair a temporary replacement will be provided on loan at no charge.

Shipments are F.O.B. Centerburg Technology Center, 12 W Main Street, Centerburg, OH 43011 unless otherwise specified. All orders processed before 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time will ship same day. Centerburg Technology Center uses United Parcel Services for a variety of shipping needs. Centerburg Technology Center takes advantage of the following UPS shipping services:


Overnight [RED] - Next Day Air by 10:30 am
Two Day [BLUE] - Second Day Air, regular delivery time
Regular [BROWN] - Regular Ground delivery

Materials Purchased:
Upon request, Centerburg Technology Center will offer a bid on new or used equipment. Bids are based on current inventory level and demand. Centerburg Technology Center reserves the right to refuse the purchase of any equipment.


Labor Rates and Charges

Effective 04/01/2015

Labor Rates

Work Performed

Current Labor Rate

Computer, network, or fiber optic labor rate $125.00 per hour
Telephony programming or design labor rate $98.00 per hour
Physical moves, adds, or changes labor rate $98.00 per hour
Billing rate for travel time $60.00 per hour
First hour of any service call $65.00
Late Payment Charge $35.00
eWaste Disposal $25 per trip

The initial hour of labor for any billable work is $65.00.  There are no fuel surcharges or trip charges – only the $65.00 charge for the first 30 minutes of work.  At the end of this time any additional work will be billed in hour increments at the rates specified in the chart above.  For jobs that are not canceled before a technician has arrived on site, a trip charge of $25.00 will be assessed.

Unless specified otherwise in writing any quote that specifies the amount of hours to be included to complete a project will be the only hours billed for that project.

Stock Items and Consumables:
The items listed are always in stock and generally are available on the truck with the technician on site.


Current Price

12’ handset cord


25’ handset cord


10’ USB cable


3’ Cat 5e Patch Cable


7’ Cat 5e Patch Cable


14’ Cat 5e Patch Cable


25’ Cat 5e Patch Cable


Minimum Bill:
The minimum amount of labor that will be charged on any ticket where actual work is done is $65.00 for the first hour.  For locations outside of our standard
service area, labor will start 1 hour from dispatch. If you are located outside of the I270 outer belt we recommend that you request an estimate of the labor bill prior to dispatch.

For any project that is estimated to exceed $500.00 a down payment of 60% will be requested before we start the project.

Free Estimates:
You may request a quote for any project at no charge whatsoever.  Any local site survey required will also be included at no charge.  We reserve the right to decline to bid or provide quote for any project deemed to be beyond the scope of our staff.

Maintenance Plans and Service Agreements:
You may have a plan or agreement in place that modifies our standard terms and may include discounted service rates, entitles you to certain services or consumables at no charge, or other coverage not listed here.  Please inquire if  your are unsure about a service or its fee or if you are interested in obtaining a Maintenance Plan or
Service Agreement.


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*Downpayment may be required. Out of stock items may take longer to arrive. Complete system consists of one or more 3CX VoIP PBX servers, SiP trunks, and at least one configured station.