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Map with local coverage area. Service is available statewide but travel charges will apply to all service calls outside of the local coverage area and will vary based on distance.


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We have programs in place to handle all ewaste.

FIRST Green eWatt Saver Program

FRC Team 3010 is into Green. They depend on their understanding of technology every build season. They know environmentally good technology when they see it - especially when it shines as bright as an eWatt Saver LED light bulb. More efficient than incandescent or CFL and much safer for the environment. Help the team promote science and technology, make an environmentally safer choice for your lighting needs, or just save some money this year. Whatever you do - get your eWatt Saver bulbs from Team 3010.


As a firm believer in both LED technology and Team 3010, for each CFL or incandescent replaced by an eWatt Saver bulb purchased from Team 3010 CTC will accept the old bulbs for recycling at no charge.


For more information please visit or to place an order call (614) 361-8906 or send an email to:

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